Just Info


Just Info     You can reach me(Tami Brower, not a shipper) at  417-469-0420  New email address   metami43@gmail.com

Shipping: I can get your puppy to you (my customer) several different ways.  It depends on your location and preference  which I will use.


Vet Info: My Vet is called West Plains Veterinary Clinic.  417-256-4515 They have been my vet for the last 12 years. I buy all my vaccines for my puppies there and they do all my health certificates and take care of my sick puppies and dogs.

A health check for a puppy says basically that a puppy is healthy enough to be sold and travel.  They check the puppies heart, knees, lungs, look at bite and look for open fonts, check for mites and fleas and sometimes do a stool test for worms and other parasites.  If they find anything wrong at all I will get with you ASAP and figure out a plan of action.  (like if the puppy has a cold and I need to keep him another week or two, or if I need to send meds with him, or if I need to send your money back)  If this should cause a delay, I ask for your patience as I would rather send you a perfectly healthy puppy!
They also do all the rabies shots. If you are buying an older puppy they also do spaying and neutering.  (That cost varies ($180+ for most neutering) and I will hold the puppy for two weeks after surgery)

The Vet will need your name and Address for his records.

I am a State Licensed Kennel, have my USDA license and a member of Missouri Pet Breeders Association (MPBA) I attend education classes every year to keep up with new changes and strive to always improve my kennel.  I also belong to MAHA, the Calvary Group and Farm Bureau.

Microchips are now included with the cost of the puppy and all puppies will be micro-chipped.  The Chips will be registered into your name as part of the price of your puppy.  You can ask that your puppy not be chipped, but I need to know before 5 weeks.

References: I do have references, please ask!

Guarantee: I do have a general Genetic guarantee that covers puppies for one year.  Replacement puppy when one becomes available.  I am open to change on that to suit your needs.  Let me know and I will be happy to send it to you and we can work on it!     I do NOT pay for office visits, hospital stays or surgeries.

Why Dogs Can’t Use Computers :)

  1. He’s distracted by cats chasing his mouse.
  2. SIT and STAY were hard enough; CUT and PASTE are out of the question.
  3. Saliva-coated floppy disks refuse to work.
  4. Three words: carpal paw syndrome.
  5. Involuntary tail wagging is a dead give-away that he’s browsing www.purina.com instead of working.
  6. The fire hydrant icon is simply too frustrating.
  7. He can’t help attacking the screen when he hears “You’ve Got Mail”.
  8. It’s too messy to “mark” every Web site he visits.
  9. The FETCH command isn’t available on all platforms.
  10. He can’t stick his head out of Windows.