Adult Italian Greyhounds

Here are my adult Italian Greyhounds


HFK Tootsie's Lil Juliann (Jewels)  9# I raised her Born 2/10/14


HFK Juiseppe Benito (Seppe)  12#  I raised him born 6/23/15


Inka Dinka Doo (Inka)   I raised her.  born 11/18/14 Sisters are Sandy, Gogo and Nimble 14#


Nude XXX (Trip born) 9/9/15  Came from a good friends kennel  15#


First Class Dxie(Dix-Pix)  born 7/29/13  9# Bought at auction


Tai-Pan Tootsie Brown (Toots) one of my girls born 7/28/12


Nimble Red Milah (Nimble) one of mine born 6/29/15  9# Gogo, sandy and Inka sister


Twisted Black Magic(Magic) one of mine.  BIG boy weighs 20#  9/21/14  He is bigger than his sire and grandsire


Sweet Georgia Brown Around Town (Georgia) one of mine  12#


Midnight CeCe Gogo(Gogo) One of Mine 10# 6/29/15  Nimble, Sandy and Inka sister


Red Robin Of Da Hood (Robin) bought at auction 10# 12/8/14


Blue River Of D'Niall(River) 15# SUPER Friendly, got from a friend  10/29/14


Delilah Bluetail (Lila) got from a friend.  7/24/15


Sandy Beaches (Sandy)my pup 15# Sister to Inka, Nimble. Gogo 11/18/14


Electric Blue Lemonade (Lolly) one of mine  11#  Stella sister  5/8/15


Stella Bleu (Stella) 8# One of mine  Lolly sister 10/10/14


Bounce's Black Iris (Iris)15#  Mom to Sandy, Inka, Gogo and Nimble 5/31/13