Adult Min Pins

I have just started raising Min-Pins.  Have had my first two litters :)


HFL Louellas Boy Louie (Louie)7/28/15 is the first Min-Pin I got.  He is a beautiful Chocolate and tan.  Weighs 10#


Jasmone's Girl Tannia (Tannia) 6/21/15 is a black and rust weighs 6#


Mincey Girl SandraLee Squeaks (Squeaky) 2/14/16  4#  Chocolate and tan


Jo-Kats Flop (Tina) Black and rust 17#  I got her from another breeder (With Lady Belle) and she is too fat.  We are working on that!  17#


Jo-Kats Girl Blossom (Blossom) Red and rust 5# Myrtle Sister


Rosie Belle (Lady-Belle) 37#  She is very overweight and very tall.  Bought same time as Tina


Ramona's Girl Myrtle (Myrtle) 8#  Red and Rust Blossom's sister


Jo-Kats Rio (Joe-rio) 10# Black and rust