Adult Chihuahuas

I have had a Chihuahua for some time (Dixie) but never a male.  I bred Dixie to a Poodle or a male Dachshund.  But Dixie is a wonderful Chihuahua and I fell in love with the cutest ever Chihiuahua puppy I call Siesta. and then bought a little boy called Cooper.  Then Siesta's Original owner asked if I would take all her Chihuahuas Ollie, Maximo, Solley and Siesta's sister Manana So I was talked into them and I acquired a pretty white girl I call Paloma.  Not had any puppies yet, but looking forward to this smart little dog.


Trymi Siesta (Siesta) 11/28/15 Manana 1/2 Sister


Trymi Manana (Manana) 3/21/16 Siesta 1/2 sister


Ooh Lapaloma Blanca (Paloma)  11/20/15


Hot Tamale Wind Tamale) 6/16/15


Dixie Doo DA (Dixie) 4/4/11


Senor Cooper (Cooper) 3/9/16


Sue's Little Dollie (Dolly) 4/3/15


Captain Tryme Maximo (Max) 4/17/18