Adult Dachshunds

Here are all my adult dachshunds


Mistress Mary Maroon (Maroon) 4/29/13  She weighs about 9# Long Hair


Louie's Lady Blue MLR(Bluie)8/15/13 She weighs 8# Long hair


Mrs. Greensleeves MLR (Greensleeves) 5/22/14  Weighs 8# Long hair


Bonnie Bit of Sunshine(Bonnie) 4/9/14 One I raised.  12#


Blue Pie In The Sky(Sky) 1/14/13  Wild Piebald dapple!  10# Long hair


Kindle Fire's Foxy Doxie (Foxy) 10# One I raised!


Terrific Tempe (Tempe)  8/13/14 11#


Stars Super Nova (Nova)  11/5/14 15#  One of my pups


Master Big Cee Cee (CBEE) 7/16/13  15# long hair


Red Baron Von Rick Toffin (Red) 9/1/11


Hershey With Nuts (Hershey) 8/17/15  One of my pups Long Hair


Timber Falling In Love (Timber) 5/29/13 10#


Kashi Made From The Best(Kosh) 9/24/15  9# One of my Pups


Kathleens Rabbit (Rabbit) 8/12/13  8#  Long hair


Hey Hey Im A Monkee (Monkey)  12/12/13 15#  One of my pups  Long hair wild dapple with a blue eye