I retire my dogs after a few years and with luck I hope to find good homes for them.

Please note, I have loved each and every one of my adults and I will discuss with you their health and personalities.  Most are not housebroke.

I will be able to ship them, but because they are adults, they will cost a bit more to send.  Most will have to ship by ground.  I will take them to the vet for health certificates and rabies shots just like I would a puppy.

Here is where I will post my adults when I have them.

Twisted Black "Magic" is 20 pounds a big boy.  Friendly to me but shy with hubby and grandchild.
Born 9/21/14.  Italian Greyhound.  A little bigger than I want for breeding. $400
Master Bigg Cee Cee (I call him CB)  Super shy.  Good breeder.  Does not throw the cream without a cream background in the female. 15# Cream  $500 7/16/13 AKC, UABR, ACA, APRI
Louie's Lady Blue MLR (Bluie) Fiesty and will fight.  Excellent Mother. Small 8# long haired red.  AKC, APRI, ACA, UABR 8/15/13 $600