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Sold 2015


NEW NEW!  I have attained my Elite Kennel Status through Missouri Pet Breeders Association.  Please check me out there www.mpbaonline.org   check out the Elite Kennels tab


NEW!!! Litters!   I will be posting litter dates here.  If you are interested in any of them , please email me at metami43@gmail.com or call 417-469-0420


New Litters

NOTE:  A blue fawn Italian Greyhound is a fawn with a blue shade or cast.  In some lights will look fawn and in some instances the blue will fade.


Born to Lolly and Trip 12/9 ready 2/11 Shipping included
Boy: Light  fawn: Luca $ 1200
Boy: Solid blue with white chest: Owen $1400
Girl: Blue white chest and blaze: Ivy $1400
Girl:  fawn white markings: Gigi $1200

IG: Inka to Magic Born 12/16  Ready 2/11/17

Girl: Black seal 1200.00 Shipping included Chloe

Girl Black seal 1200.00 Shipping Included Mavis

Girl Solid Blue small amt. white on chest.  $1400.00 SH INC. Suzy

iiiiiG $1200 Shipping includedGeorgia bred to River Girl:Tiffany: Fawn Born 12/28 Ready Now! $1200 
Tannia to Louie, Min-pins  $800 plus shipping
2 black and tan girls, both sold (Lolly Pop and Lemonade)
1 black and tan boy: Licorice: I will do ears at 5 weeks if you want with natural ears must have deposit paid by 1/27/17
German Shepherd
Carma bred to Hugo pups born 11/25 Ready 1/21---$900 plus shipping Shipping will run $300.
1 cream/white boys  Charger
1 black and tan boy Charlie
1Cream/white girl Cheri
Chihuahua Dixie to Max born 11/28 ready 1/24 $750 shipping included
Poppy is black and white
Tatum is black white chest
Harley (only boy) Chocolate and tan
Maya is black with white chest
Due Soon:
Dachshund Bluie to Monkee 1/10
Italian Greyhound Iris to Trip 1/13
Chihuahua Tamale to Max 1/15
Chihuahua: Dolly to Max....any day
Possible heats
Squeak to Louie: Min-Pins





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I am a small family owned kennel.  My motto is every dog a winner.  I strive to place the right dog with my customers.  I also believe every dog has a family out there that will love them!


  Pick of the litter Angus     Cheri now Ginger        Sold 2010        Hoodsie


Please feel free to explore my place!  You are most welcome here.  You can click on the pictures and enlarge them to see the babies a bit better.   



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I belong to the Calvary group  

I am a member in the MPBA (Missouri Pet Breeders Association) Elite Kennel!

I have a Missouri State license for breeding     

I have my USDA license as of April 2014

I belong to the Farm  Buearu    

I belong to MAHA (Missouri Animal Husbundry Assoc)